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By J U L I A - 8:45 AM

They say, " Don't let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you anything about life ".
Eyebrows are the most important feature on our face, probably most girls can tell how they would spend time and money to at least get their eyebrows presentable.
Well-groomed eyebrows act to frame the eyes and highlight our best features, so I always make sure to do my brows even on the makeup-free days, at least making me look put together.
But, with all the eyebrow products on the market, the options are endless. Sooooo, I've tried some of these brows products and here to share my review to you!

Btw, I'm not a professional at all, you may even find my brows are not even 'on fleek' to share what I'm going to share, so you may have to endure a little bit of my shameless, hehe!


 It comes with 5 shades, mine is brown 03 and what I find special about this product is not just the shape of the brow pencil itself, which is called 'naginata' samurai sword shape, but the color pigment only appears on your brow hairs!
Which means, when you draw on your hand or other any other parts of your skin, it wouldn't shows the color because it only reacts to the natural oil on your brows.
Pretty cool, right?
So if you're a beginner, or you have cacat hand (always mess up to draw brows, aka me AF), this brow pencil is designed for you I kid you not.
And if you're more keen on natural looking brows, you should try it too.

If you need to sharpen the tip of the pencil, you can walk in to ANY Shu Uemura's outlet to let the beauticians there to serve you for that. Unless if you have the samurai sword, I think? ( Ok lame )
It's a good base cause the pigment was super light, you can shape your brows first without messing up

If you prefer brows with airy, not too edgy kind of look, brow palette would be your best
With the two pre-set applicators it comes with, one with the more defined tip to wing out the shape first, and one with a more flat tip to fill in the brows to get a more natural look.
It's really easy to blend, also the packaging is so portable which you can bring
it around to touch up your brows.
Use the lighter shade to fill the starting part of your brows, and the darker shade for the tail of the brows. It can gives it a more gradient look.

The little brush it comes with was edgy enough to apply a clean looking brows shape.

 Among all the brow products I've shared, this is probably the cheapest one and it still works very well!
Mistine is a quite famous cosmetic brand in Thailand and this brow set here,
is going to blow your mind cause it comes with 3 applicators which is:
pencil, shadow and mascara.
It's a very convenient eyebrow tool, the color pigment is strong and it's very suitable for
a more edgy, western style kind of brows.
I use this the most often, to college or to anywhere, because I can done my brows within 3 minutes
with this cause light strokes would give a very obvious result already.

The pencil

The shadow

The mascara
But it doesn't comes with a brush tip to blend! :( So I have to use another tool to blend.
 And I don't really use the brow mascara it comes with, because sometimes it comes out too much and when I blend it on my brows it looks terrible, pretty hard to control.
Also, it smells like swimming pool.
Best choice to enhance the pigment at the tail of the brows, cause at the end of the day you may find the tail of your brows smudged, well it happen to me all the time...So I'll always bring this out with me to touch up.

Yay to spoolie!! I'm not sure if it's spelled like that but I called the brush thing "spoolie".
This babe here costs like RM155.00, you may say its not worth for a brow pencil
BUT you actually can refill the pencil inside with RM80.00!!
And it comes with a build-in sharpener in the cap of the brow pencil, you can just press harder into the cap when you feel like sharping it.
As you can tell, it's another sword shaped pencil tip so you can create a more defined, neat and perfect kind of brows and the texture is super smooth to apply.

Refillable brow pencil, great job Shu Uemura!
Blend the starting of your brows. So AT LEAST you wouldn't look like Crayon Shin Chan if it's too bold.


You can call this 'eyebrow mascara' as you wish, but it's the 1st-in-the-market comb applicator by Shu Uemura (Ya, again).
 The comb type was like a small toothbrush shape, the difference from eyebrow pencil between this is, it's waterproof which means it can resists sweat, so you can wear it all day long without smudging it.
It achieves the look of very even strokes, I would say its like a coat of protector to your brows and prevent you from rubbing off easily.
It comes with 3 color: ash brown, palm brown and almond glaze, depends on how light is your hair color. For me personally, you can go well with ash brown to achieve natural looking brows.

 Recently, I'm very keen to try Benefit's brow product cause I've seen a lot of people giving good reviews of it, let me know what's your favorite brow products!
You may find certain cosmetic works well for you but these are the very honest opinions after trying out all these products. I'm still working and practising on a better looking brows, so pardon of my very rough daily brows look here, hehe.

See you in my next blog post, tata! xoxo.

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