[BEAUTY] Secrets of Rapunzel Hair

By J U L I A - 5:35 AM

How often do you visit your salon of your choice? Are you applying heat to your hair when you
straighten or curl them? Did you blow dry your hair in the right way?
Question in brief, is your hair damaged?

Well, good thing for you, you don't have to spend your money to hair salon for a treatment anymore,
you can just do it yourself in less than 2 minutes with HEY DEUXYEOZA's RAPUNZEL HAIR CREAM Leave-In-Treatment !!!

No more bad hair day, ladies!

Rapunzel Hair Cream is the first leave-in hair treatment that anyone can do self-care on your hair instead of paying a treat to salon.
This hair cream prevents hair from drying out, repair split ends and achieve that smooooooooth silky look on your hair!
If you're facing problems like frizzy, split ends, dry, dyed or perm damaged on your hair,

Special thanks to HICHARIS for sending these lovely products all the way from Korea for me!

I don't know about you but, for me there are days when I just can't make my appearance look right, so I'll let my hair do the talking.
And most of the time, I woke up with frizzy hair which makes me looked like a walking mop. (you feel me??)
Some of these hair oil I've been using may work for awhile but eventually my hair will get so oily and flat after several hours.
Until I tried these hair creams, my problems are not in the list anymore!
Kick all of your hair oil, hair serum, hair lotion away cause all you need is in ONE packaging now!
(And it smells good too)

I dye my hair quite often these days, and I've bleached it for about 2-3 times at the ends, my hair was damaged and combing it have to pay extra efforts!
 Taking care of it is uneasy since it's already like dead grass. But Rapunzel Hair Cream minimize my problems to the max. YAY.

Getting it clear to the point, the pink one is for day-use, and the blue one is for the night-use.
And you don't have to rinse it. Just leave it!

I'll use Moist Day in the morning before I'm out to classes or anywhere,if you're like me who wash your hair at night instead of early in the morning, you don't have to put too much on your dry hair.
It's a very good base before you style your hair, it protects your hair from the heat you apply when you curl or straighten your hair.
Even when you're blow drying your hair!

Then I'll use Enriching Night after I shower and wash my hair, towel dry it, put it on my hair and go to sleep, let it do the magic!
And I'm gonna tell you it smells sooooo good on me, I was planning to buy a perfumed hair spray last week, but right now I don't think I'll ever need it anymore, when I can nourish my hair and give it that luxurious scent at the same time!
By the way, I highly suggest you to apply it from mid-length to the ends.
Both of it was 180 ml, which is enough to last 2 months & above in average if you use it everyday. 

Now you can style and color your hair as you ever wish, without feeling sorry to your hair!

Loving my new hair color that I dyed myself, btw!

GRAB YOURS NOW by placing your order in MY CHARIS SHOP to get RM30 off!


Ain't nobody got time for bad hair day, invest in your hair! It's the crown that you'll never take off.

 Alright, see you in my next post, tata! xoxo.

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