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It wasn't a church service kind of Sunday, but a weekend that I've been looking forward to, and hardly fall asleep because of excitement.

Last Friday, I received an exclusive invitation from Jessica Chaw, a social media influencer & blogger, to Shu Uemura's 3D Brow Styling party in Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. It was a good experience meeting new people and learning new tips to style our brows.


We had mini games and activities, very cute looking food and beverages, gorgeous decorations and pretty ladies as well! The make up artists show us ways to draw a more define and edgy-looked eyebrows, also a more natural looking eyebrows. You've no idea how eyebrows took an important role to our face, a good eyebrows framed our face beautifully and give an instantaneous lift to our face features. Here's a quote about eyebrows for you:
Not sure about this statement, but it sounds like eyebrows speak louder than words?
 It's also Jessica's birthday month so we celebrated her birthday together. The cake is everything!!!
it's the decoration of Shu Uemura's cosmetics!!
Happy birthday Jessica! xoxo.

 At last, she announced the winners for the mini games we played which is styling and designing brows on a piece of demo paper and also writing the facts of her. I'm in a rush so she announce earlier for me, that's really so sweet of her! Surprisingly, my name was called and I'm the second winner of the brow styling contest!! *heart eyes* And she tells me softly "that's why I make you stay first", she's so so kind.

My design using the Shu Uemura's product

These are the babies I got from Shu Uemura💕 All the tools for brows including their most famous brow pencil and palette.
I had a blast though! But I'm really rushing to another place, it was quite sad to not having extra time to communicate with the girls. It was so nice meeting them all.

Leaving the place before the event ends, changing a mood in a short time, I'M GOING TO THE WE BARE BEAR'S 1001 EXPO at Semenyih!!!!! It's an hour away, but with friends, it wasn't a boring journey at all.

Grizzly, Panda & Ice Bear!!

If you're a fan of We Bare Bears, you'll go cray-cray when you finally reach this place, THEY ARE LITERALLY EVERYWHERE!!!
Cutest combinations of bears, ever.

As how it was said, the place have 1001 inflatable doll of We Bare Bears. If God gives me the spare time, I would count one by one to prove if the statement is true or false. *jk*

Spot the rainbow!!

Overall conclusion: It was extremely HOT there, it's never a good idea doing outdoor activities without preparing umbrella or sunscreen.

Special thanks to my personal photographer for most of the pictures. xoxo.

Best mates in my life.

 But for the sake of nice photos, it's not a regret coming here, hehe!

If you don't have any weekend plan yet, here's the best place to check in your social media, especially if you're a cartoon lover (like me). *friendly reminder: umbrella is an essential. It's free to entry!

[ WeBareBears 1001 Expo @ Semenyih ]

No. 1, Lingkaran Eco Majestic, Eco Majestic,
 43500 Semenyih, Selangor D.E, Malaysia
Expo date: 12th August –3th September 2017 ( only available on weekends)
Expo time: 10AM – 6PM

See you in my next blog post, tata! xoxo.

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