[Skincare] Lovera's Magic Jelly - The all Purpose Beauty Gel

By J U L I A - 6:06 AM

You'll never wanna miss out something that got your whole body covered -
from head to toe, hair to skin, arms, legs, even your nails!
Received this lovely product from Lovera Malaysia  and the first thought of mine about this product is....
Wow, "Magic Jelly", what actually is this??

Lovera's Magic Jelly is actually an All Purpose Beauty Gel, which briefly you can use as a:
  • Skin moisturiser
  • Make-up remover
  • Face serum
  • Hair serum
  • Eyelash serum (lengthening and growth)
  • Lips rescue moisturiser
  • Makeup-primer
It's an Aloe Vera based gel which serve as an additional piece of must-have product in your daily beauty regime.
Magic Jelly by L’OVERA is extremely versatile that it can be us for soothing & moisturising on every part of your body including arms, legs, nail, face and hair.

 Mind blown, right? Same.
I use this everyday as my makeup primer, an honest review my makeup DO lasts longer and also it
helps to protect my skin from the chemical in makeup.
Makeup like this gets to last longer as the Magic Jelly let it stick to my skin evenly,
and also I mixed with my foundation /  BB cream so I can blend more easily
as well as gets the moisture it needs on my skin!๐Ÿ˜

I always look at the ingredients in every products I use, especially skin care products, cause
it's something your skin is going to absorb, and you're going to wear your skin
for the rest of your life!
Surprisingly, the ingredients in Magic Jelly are all natural!
It consists of chamomile, cucumber, jicama, and also aloe vera๐Ÿ˜ฒ

And it smells so good! The texture is easily blended and fast absorbing, also it's not sticky at all,
just a sensation of coolness and freshness.

The improved formula helps to treats pimple effectively, fade scars, hydrates dry skin,
and also brightens our skin!
As on the packaging itself mentioned "Protect, Repair, Enhance"
It gets you to repair and restore skin from within.

Not to mention, there's also several benefits on our hair,
it helps to reduce dandruff, smoothens unruly hair, can be use as hair serum,
also promotes our hair growth!

It also helps with burns and cuts, you can bring just one bottle of it and all of your
skin problems are solved, super convenient for those who always travel around.

Dry skin problems? Use magic jelly!
Short eyelashes? Use magic jelly!
Acne skin? Use magic jelly!
Annoying fizzy hair? Use magic jelly!
Got sunburn? Use magic jelly!
Running out of gifts idea for your friends? Buy them magic jelly!

Magic Jelly by LOVERA is manufactured from a GMP Certified Factory and with KKM approval and Halal certificate from JAKIM you can spread this glorious gel from head to toe without any speck of doubt. It’s all good!
 Also, it's suitable for babies too๐Ÿ™†

RM70 (60 ml)
Website link: http://www.lovera.com.my/product/magic-jelly/  
Instagram : @LoveraMalaysia
FB : Lovera Malaysia

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